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Rock-paper-scissors Fight
discard Winning is about having the right abilities at the right time not being the most powerful
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Its Common Knowledge that the most powerful character is always bound to win any fight. After all how could you be beaten when you have a power level over 9000?. The highest you are in the Super Weight scale the most likely you are to win right?.

Not exactly. While "power levels"/experience may help to determine what character is the most powerful when they have similar super powers, the situation gets more complicated when the powers are vastly different. Sometimes winning is more about having the right abilities at the right time than raw power.

For example, a villain that is able to control metal by magnetism and would be able to easily defeat a made of metal would lose as easily to a hero made of rubber.


Elemental Rock-Paper-Scissors, Tactical Rock-Paper-Scissors

Manga and Anime
  • An example could be Luffy vs Crocodile in One Piece. The latter won the first fight due to the fact that he can turn into sand at will. In order to beat him, Luffy had to put aside his brute power and instead use the only element that can neutralize Crocodile's power: water (and later, blood).
Live Action Tv
  • Dr Who The show makes a strong argument that intelligence always beats brute force other than that the variables always change.
    • Sontarans vs humans? it all depends what kind of bullets UNIT has

  • The Xmen is one of the best examples given the variety of superpowers. Gamebreaker Omega level mutants do exist however.
    • Fan favorite Wolverine for instance is completely vulnerable to magneto's powers. But he is the best at what he does most of the time...
Western Animation
  • Chaotic tv series Usually choosing the right character at the right time is the best way to win a given situation
  • In Ben10 this is part of the reason he has many aliens at his disposal. He sometimes prefers to use the "coolest" alien insetad of the most useful in a given situation however.
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