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Human Based Apparel

Making clothing items from parts of people\'s bodies

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Up for Grabs (although will hopefully launch). A related trope to I'm a Humanitarian, this also involves a taboo-violating use of human remains, although in this case, to wear rather than to eat.

This may be done to represent victory over an enemy, although it could also be warped behavior from a Serial Killer.



  • In A Song of Ice and Fire, the House of Bolton is notorious for flaying enemies and wearing their skin as cloaks (in fact, their coat of arms is a picture of a flayed man). A current Bolton, the utterly sadistic Ramsay, still practices this, and his father, Roose, is implied to as well. In one scene, Ramsay expresses his intent to use a woman's breasts to make boots, and Roose objects, because (speaking from personal experience?) he notes that women's breasts don't make good boots.
    • In a somewhat less disgusting example, there's a Wilding warrior who wears armor made of various human bones and has a helmet made of a skull. He wants to be called the Lord of Bones, but everyone mostly calls him Rattleshirt.
  • In The Great Gatsby, the gangster Meyer Wolfsheim has cuff-links made of human teeth.
  • In a shout out to The Great Gatsby, in Discworld, the troll gangster Chrysoprase wears cuff-links made of the teeth of less successful rivals who don't trouble him any more. This is kind of a joke in that troll teeth are diamonds, so Chrysoprase wears diamond cuff-links of an unorthodox variety.
  • As noted in film above, Wild Bill does this in The Silence of the Lambs.
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    In the book The Pig, The Prince, and the Unicorn, Manslayer (one of the Big Bad's minions) wears the skins of his enemies as a kilt.
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    In Vampire Bloodlines, you can pick up a rotting human hand as a weapon from a Mad Doctor and keep using it. I don't think it fits under Cruelty Rich Leather, though...
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    In Tales From A Parallel Universe, Part One, Giggerota wears clothing made from human skin.
  • August 31, 2011
    • In a short story from The Dying Earth by Jack Vance, Chun the Unavoidable has a cloak make of human eyes strung together.
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    Might be (related to) Skeletons In The Coat Closet. Perhaps this could be a Super Trope?
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    If we extend this to elves, the trool king Guttlekraw in Elf Quest wears a headdress made from the fingers of his former elf slaves.
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    In the Jademan Hong Kong kung fu comic Oriental Heroes, some new to the area baddies go to visit a local crimelord, Cannibal. They're surprised to find him a jolly Boisterous Bruiser who enjoys handicrafts; cooking, painting, upholstery, knitting...They're about ready to conclude that he just has a really scary sounding name when it becomes clear that everything in his house is made of his victims. Turns out he just can't stand to waste perfectly good body parts.
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    Real Life: Ed Gein killed women and used their skin for clothing and furniture.
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    At the beginning of Deep Space Nine Soldiers of the Empire one Klingon walks by wearing Cardasian neckbones.