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An impractical place to wear a suit
This when a character wears formal attire in an impractical location out of a misplaced sense of propriety
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This is when a character is sent somewhere remote by an employer and they insist on wearing a suit regardless of the impracticality of walking around a jungle, beach or what ever in such attire.

The purpose of such scenes is that it illustrates the character is square and uncool. Indeed such scenes often culminate in them meeting people more casually dressed who yet appear more in control because they are capable of self confidence without a tie (that’s the intent anyway)


  • Jurassic Park starts with lawyer Donald Gennaro wearing a full business suit for meeting a client…. Despite the fact he had to take a raft up the Amazon river
  • in the The Damned United Leeds United send a representative to Brian Clough well holidaying Majorca, to offer him the managerial possession. The scenes is set in 1974 but you’d think is was 1924 from the way the representative insists on wearing his formal bras button blazer and white trousers with nothing but a Handkerchief to manage sweat for a meeting on THE BEACH. In counterpoint naturally Clough is just wearing shorts and looks quite relaxed

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