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Big Guy Little Guy

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This is a type of mook or a type of sidekick, depending on alignment. These are Those Two Guys who are often Heterosexual Life-Partners, and usually embody tyhe Fat and Skinny trope. That's just the start of the bundle of tropes these two embody. This trope describes a pair of guys who always fight together, are best friends forever, and have a very obvious hierarchy: The little guy is always in charge. The big guy plays the dumb Bruiser role, but there's a catch, and this is important--oftentimes, the big guy will often have some pretty good ideas. The little guy always ignores the big guy's suggestion, only to come up with the idea himself just a split second later, as in Timon 'N' Pumbaa. Despite his occasional flashes of insight, the big guy is not obfuscating--He really is just a big dumb lug, and he often doesn't know his own strength.The Little guy is usually listed first, since he's the leader, and they are always listed together, as if they are one entity. In fact, some episodes may center on the fact that they can't live without each other. Although these guys are seen most often in kid's shows, they are also played seriously. See 'Of Mice and Men' for a good serious example.

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