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Corpse Consuming Cleanup Crew
When a group/race of corpse eaters sell their services as waste disposal crews
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They eat. They don't care if it is dead or alive, and unusually they actually prefer rotting meat over preserved. To them the older, nastier, and more disgusting the better.

Which is why, a trend is starting to appear in modern urban fantasy that places creatures like this in the capacity of waste disposal. Got an inconvenient dead body, call in the flesh eaters. Just killed a demon, and don't know what do do with the Literally Unholy mess? Call in the Flesh Eaters! They simply chow down, and Hey presto, no smelly carcass stinking up the place. They tend to be ghouls, but not necessarily.

They will usually work as street cleaners in magically aware communities, or as an evidence disposal service in magically unaware societies. May have relation to the M.I.B..

Subtrope of Cleanup Crew.


Anime & Manga
  • Zetsu in Naruto functions as this for the Akatsuki organization. Specifically, he would devour the Akatsuki's victims (at least when they don't want the corpse to be found out) or a dead Akatsuki member's body.

  • Iron Druid Chronicles: Atticus' attorney has a whole ghoul clan on speed dial, and he pays them to come in a refrigerated truck and dispose of the corpses of nine 8 foot tall giants! Also, when he needed to dispose of a demon corpse,he had it liquified and put into a keg. He says that "Demon-Juice is like Jaegermister to those Guys"
  • Ghouls are mentioned to operate like this in Simon R. Green's World,(which contains within it four series.) Needs moar context
  • Ghouls play this role in Discworld. ZCE
  • Not a ghoul per se, but in Arcia Chronicles, after conquering the world, the Gods of Light have fed the bodies of The Old Gods they slaughtered to a minor Eldritch Abomination named "Nicrophorus", because they knew first hand that gods tend to come back to life a lot.
  • On the Ringworld ghouls are a Pak-descended species adapted to eat carrion, they provide funeral services for the various other sapient species of the Ringworld and are quite friendly really.
  • In Alan Garner's fantasy novels, which take place in recently modern (1960's)northern England, both The Moon Of Gomrath and The Weirdstone of Brisingamen culminate in pitched battles between creatures of Faerie. The problem is, the action takes place within five miles of the Greater Manchester urban conurbation - so somebody might notice all those humanoid but clearly non-human corpses lying around. The fact a battle takes place at all in T Wo B and nobody notices is explained by it taking place in an unseasonal blizzard. Corpse disposal is neatly done by Deus ex Machina - the sky-wolf Fenris is unleashed by a displeased Lord of Evil and devours all those yummy goblins and things, both living and dead, to leave the battlefield a gleaming pristine white.
  • Zilpha Keatley Snyder's Green-Sky Trilogy was followed up with Below the Root, a video game conclusion to the series.

Live-Action TV
  • The pak'ma'ra are this in the Babylon 5 universe. ZCE

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