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Accidental Genocide
You killed us without knowing
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When humans inadvertantly kill an alien species without being aware of it. Compare/contrast Inferred Holocaust, where Fridge Logic suggests an offscreen disaster occurred due to onscreen events.

  • Saga Of The Seven Suns
  • In Ray Bradbury's Mars stories, disease brought to the planet by human visitors inadvertently causes the almost-complete annihilation of the Martians.
  • In Ringworld, the initial exploration team leave the Ring by dragging their ship with shadow square wire. Trouble is, shadow square wire is 1000 times stronger than steel, and they have only one end. The other is coiled up in a heavily inhabited city. Apparently the author noticed this "small problem" (or a fan pointed it out) between the first book and the second, where our hero has a "What The Hell, Me" moment.

Live-Action TV

Tabletop RPG
  • Dungeons & Dragons adventure IM3 The Best of Intentions. The plane of Splacknuck has no light and the bubble-like inhabitants are killed instantly by any kind of light. If the PC Immortal visitors create any kind of light in order to see, they roast several dozen of the bubble people.

Western Animation

Real Life
  • It's now believed that sometime during the colonization of the new world, diseases from the "old world" (Europe, Asia, and Africa) wiped out large portions of the Native American population.
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