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Hat of Power
headgear bestows special abilities on its wearer
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Some hats serve more of a purpose than just looking nice. Some even go beyond the mundane purpose of protecting the wearer's head. These Hats of Power grant some superpower or other special ability to whatever lucky chump happens to put them on.

Sometimes, this serves as a more vulnerable version of Clothes Make the Superman (or at least My Suit Is Also Super), since a super fedora is more likely to get blown off by a gust of wind than a super suit is.

Compare Weaponized Headgear and Goggles Do Something Unusual.




  • In the Nibelungenlied, the Tarnkappe grants the wearer invisibility.
  • In Der Ring des Nibelungen, the Tarnhelm grants the wearer invisibility, shape-shifting, and teleportation.
  • The Conan the Barbarian novel Conan the Buccaneer features the Cobra Crown, which gives magic powers to the wearer.

Folklore & Mythology
  • Germanic folklore had a helmet grants the wearer invisibility.

Tabletop Games
  • Dungeons & Dragons/Pathfinder has many of these:
    • Circlet of Persuasion -- raises the wearer's charisma
    • Crown of Blindness -- causes the wearer to go blind
    • Goggles of Minute Seeing -- supervision at distances of less than 1 ft
    • Goggles of Night -- grants the wearer the ability to see in the dark, without compromising normal light vision
    • Hat of Disguise -- Exactly What It Says on the Tin
    • Hat of Hatreds -- causes the wearer to take on the appearance of someone those around them hate. In addition, the wearer appears to be in a vulnerable condition.
    • Headband of Alluring Charisma -- raises the wearer's charisma
    • Headband of Inspired Wisdom -- raises the wearer's perception and common sense
    • Headband of Vast Intelligence -- raises the wearer's intelligence (although not as much as the name might suggest)
    • Headband of Mental Prowess -- functions in the same way as any two of the above three items
    • Headband of Mental Superiority -- raises all three mental stats (Charisma, Wisdom, Intelligence
    • Helm of Comprehend Languages and Read Magic -- another Exactly What It Says on the Tin
    • Helm of Telepathy -- and yet another Exactly What It Says on the Tin
    • Helm of Teleportation -- Exactly What It Says on the Tin (the writers went for descriptive rather than creative names most of the time)
    • Helm of Underwater Action -- allows the wearer to see clearly and breathe underwater
    • Caps
      • Healing Cap of Veluna: Priest/Cleric healing spells heal double normal number of Hit Points.
      • Nightcap of Vision: Can see in the dark.
      • Pileus: Gives wearer several powers allowing freeing of others from bondage.
    • Hats
    • Helms
      • Helm of Brilliance: Grants many light and fire based spell abilities
      • Helm of Darkness: Can cast darkness, immune to many attack forms
      • Harrowhelm: Grants psionic abilities
      • Skull of Death: Gives several death-based abilities
  • The crown of Nagash from Warhammer is a potent artifact, turning the wearer into a necromancer and granting him increased intelligence and magic power at the cost of "hearing voices" --as the crown has personality of its own. It's implied that the crown used to be ordinary, and gained its powers from spending several centuries on the head of Nagash, the great necromancer.

  • In LEGO's Time Chasers line, hats are used to power the good guys' Time Machine.


Western Animation
  • In "What's Opera, Doc?", Siegfried Fudd had a "spear and magic helmet", the latter of which apparently gave him power to summon lightning and storms.
  • A famous Rocky and Bullwinkle serial featured the Kerwood Derby[[hottip:*:a pun on the name of then-popular announcer Durwood Kirby]], a hat that vastly amplified the wearer's intelligence. It's last known wearer was Albert Einstein.
  • Mighty Max had a kid whose baseball cap made him the Capbearer, and apparently the guardian of reality or something.

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