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God's Mistake

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Someone dies in an otherwise Permadeath fashion. And later, they stride around the corner like they were always there. And NO ONE so much as questions why. People, the author has made a mistake.

This trope only fires when an episode airs (or a volume is published, depending on the work) when an event happens, and it is most likely because the person responsible (author? director? whoever the heck) COMPLETELY forgot about it. These events are usually explained via "A Wizard Did It," or some other method via a whole EPISODE (or volume) later, when the event in question has already sunk in.

Not to be confused with "A wizard did it," since that explains why these things happen. This trope is for what exactly happened.

Anime and Manga

South park: Kenny's Existance. The very first time he dies, the creators FORGOT that he died, and turned him into a buttmonkey.

Bleach: In the Aizen arc, Kensei Muguruma unleashes his bankai with which to fight off Wonderweiss. Later on, we see him out of bankai, with Wonderweiss relatively unscathed.
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