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Smart Character, Stupid Decisions

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I thought dolphins were supposed to be smart. Why won't you understand? Don't you get it? If you don't wear the tail, you're gonna die. Why won't you just wear the tail?
- Sawyer, from Dolphin Tale.

This is when a character is clearly portrayed as capable of logical thought, but also clearly portrayed as occasionally not really using that ability when it comes to their actions.


  • Winter, from Dolphin Tale, is implied to be very intelligent, communicating with humans in a strange but very clear way. Her rejection of the prosthetic tailfins humans make for her comes across as irrational, though.
    • Also indicated with Clay Haskett, the aquatic life hospital employee whose temporarily defeatist attitude towards saving a particular dolphin is interpreted this way by his father.
    You're a good sailor, Clay. You know the sea and sky better than any man I ever met. But you are sorely lost now, son. You're giving up. Because you're afraid you can't save her.
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