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Taxi Cab Killer
A murderer who uses his job as a taxi cab driver to get his victims.
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Taxis are a common sight in the city. Coming and going without notice. And there's something inherently creepy about them: They are someone's else's car. You are in a small confined area prepared and owned by someone else, almost entirely at their mercy. Perhaps this is why Taxi drivers are commonly picked as killers by authors.

Note that it is not uncommon for the killer to solely use the taxi to pick up victims, and to in fact have another job entirely when not killing.

Compare with Not My Driver.
  • The titular The Bone Collector.
  • Happened twice in Criminal Minds:
    • In an episode where the Unsub hunted women for their "scent".
    • The killer nick named "The Hollow Man" was a taxi driver.
  • In the Sherlock Holmes story A Study In Scarlet, the killer is a cabby.
    • Updated to a Taxi driver in the Sherlock episode "A Study In Pink".
  • The Cabbie Killer of CSI: NY.
  • The titular Taxi Driver, a rare protagonist example.
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