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Basically an at least reasonably attractive female character who is notable for having large breasts, or at least substantially larger than average amung the other characters. It's usually either lampshaded in-universe, or sufficiently obvious that there's no need.

What this is not:
  • Gag Boobs. Gag Boobs are portrayed unrealistically, exaggerated, emphasized, or defy the laws of physics or reason soley as a Running Gag. Buxom does not emphasize unrealistic aspects of the portrayal, and the breasts in question should not be outside the known human range for a person of that overall body shape and size. The size of a Buxom character's chest may be lampshaded, Played for Drama if it is an inconvenience, or Played for Laughs, but it is just poking fun at reality, not making a Running Gag out of it.
  • Most Common Superpower. Most Common Superpower suggests that female superheroes tend to have the same general sort of breasts (large, firm, and sticking straight out from their already bulging upper torso) almost as this was one of their Stock Superpowers. This character might have the same body shape, but without the superpowers. Alternately, if a superhero team has four female superheroes with DD-cups and one with F-cups, the F-cup one might be this trope and the others are Most Common Superpower.
  • Boobs of Steel. Boobs of Steel requires that there is a clear correlation between bust size and badassery. This requires no such connection. There's obviously plenty of room for overlap, so I recommend if an example clearly fits both, put it there, not here.
  • Miss Fanservice or Good Bad Girl. This is about size, not dress or behavior. This character is often the series' Miss Fanservice, but they might not be.
  • A list of the largest - breasted young lady from every series. To be this trope, the bust in question should be portrayed mostly realistically, clearly obvious or lampshaded, and may be Played for Laughs, Played for Drama, or plot relevant.

  • Type A: The characters breasts aren't necessarily all that huge, but it's nonetheless lampshaded, plot relevant, etc., that their chest is noticable.
  • Type B: The character's bust size may strain reasonable human limitations or the laws of physics. But its not a sign of strength or a Running Gag. Its just who the character is, and they are noted in universe for it. Generally a form of Fanservice.

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