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Cars Without Tires Are Trains
Shredded your tires? No problem! Just hop your bare rims on to those convenient railroad tracks!
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Do We Have This One?? I couldn't find it, but that doesn't mean it isn't here somewhere.

Needs a Better Title.

In Real Life, rails are made for trains, roads are made for cars. In fiction, this line gets blurred.

Basically, if you've seen train tracks so far in the film, and then the hero's tires get shredded, you can bet that the car is going on those tracks. There's no explanation for why any car's rims will fit standard-gauge train track as if it were built for the task, except that it's cool.

Needs More Examples

  • In Back to the Future III, the Delorean fits perfectly onto the train tracks. This example is possibly justified, given that Doc is established as an excellent blacksmith with the capability to create Steam Punk Applied Phlebotinum, but it's not addressed in the film.
  • This happened in the James Bond movie Octopussy. This is after he drives across some "severe tire damage" spikes on the Russian/Eastern bloc border.
  • This happened to the villain's limousine in the ending of Oliver & Company.
  • Played deadly straight in the new Get Smart film.
  • In Real Life, a small number of Jeeps have been outfitted to work on railroad tracks in military service.
  • Some cars and trucks have been fitted to run on rails, used largely for railroad maintenance. These are called draisines (or "speeders" in the United States).
  • An episode of Top Gear involved a car being modified to pull a train. Hilarity ensued.

I know I've seen this elsewhere, but I need help with examples.
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