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Nations Of The World Montage
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A form of montage that uses shots of various cultures from all around the planet, doing the same thing.

It's frequently used to show a global unity, that in the times of the greatest fight, the direst crisis, or the merriest celebration, we, humans, are not so different after all. Despite that, it might still mildly poke fun at National Stereotypes. Due to the Lowest Common Denominator, if a culture is suppose to be recognized from a single shot, this picture will probably contain the single most famous landmark of that culture as well.

Distantly related to Travel Montage, that might also use a similar imagery. Often used with Gondor Calls for Aid when the called groups are also different cultures, and they are all shown answering the call.


  • Independence Day had the nations of the world cheering at the destroyed spaceships. Earlier, there was a shorter scene of Gondor Calls for Aid with various militaries of the world answering the call.
  • Armageddon had everyone listening to the president's Rousing Speech.
  • The Return of the Jedi special edition had a Worlds Of The Galaxy Montage celebrating the victory of the rebels.
  • War of the Worlds (1953). There was a section with Stock Footage of various governments meeting and national armies fighting the Martians.
    Governments tried to coordinate their defences with those of other nations. The government of India met in a railroad coach, while millions streamed for the imagined safety of the Himalayas. The Finnish, Turkish, Chinese and Bolivians worked and fought furiously. Every effort against their other-world antagonists ended in the same rout.
  • In the 1966 Batman movie, the entire world waits to see if our heroes can rehydrate the Expys of the United Nations Security Council. "Success, success! They've done it! They've done it!"
  • In Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs first we see various nations watching Sam's weather report about the warning of the coming food storm, and toward the end there's a montage of the mayhem it caused.
  • Baseketball features a montage with countries all over the world tuning in to the sport as it becomes more popular.

Live-Action TV
  • The 2009 reboot of V showed all the nations of the world watching the Visitors' greeting message, each in their own language.

Manga and Anime

Music Video
  • A subversion appears in the Rammstein music video for Amerika. Various cultures all over the world are seen watching the "moon landing" and showing stereotypically American traits along with their own stereotypes.

Web Original

Western Animation
  • In the Futurama pilot episode the nations of the world count down to New Year's Day 2000 with the usual suspects including the Eiffel Tower, Great Pyramids, and African tribes.
  • South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut has a version of "Kyle's Mom's A Big Fat Bitch" which goes into this.
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