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Tornado Move
A character generating a tornado to protect or destroy.
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Tornados are frightening natural phenomena, and characters may use them in combat. They are usually created by moving in circles (or spinning) with Super Speed or air-controlling powers.

Films-Animated Western Animation
  • The Flash, all the time. He usually uses it to shield others from harm, but he once froze a battalion of demons just with the icy winds.
  • Red Tornado could ride on tornados and generate them with his hands. One memorable episode had him doing a Beam-O-War with three Wind Dragon clones.
  • Aang sometimes does this in Avatar: The Last Airbender, using it to directly assault opponents, levitate himself or shoot rocks like a cannon.
Video Games
  • In RuneScape, players may cast the spell "Storm of Armadyl" to conjure a tornado, which counts as a powerful air attack. There is also its weaker version "Divine Storm".
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