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Prejudiced Against Cute

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Ironically enough, brony-haters view MLP in a similar way that Dashie see's most of animals. Thinking that it's so cute that it cannot be cool.
- saijeehiguchi of Youtube on May The Best Pet Win from MLP:FIM

Typically, one might expect that prejudice based on cuteness would be against the uncute. Sometimes for some, though, the prejudice might point in the other direction.

And this isn't necessarily Positive Discrimination either, though that is often part of it. It is often out of an association of cuteness with weakness, combined with contempt for the weak. Of course, both the former and the latter are questionable for their own reasons, and works with characters who are prejudiced against cute may call attention to such reasons.


  • Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is very dismissive of the idea of the cute animals at Fluttershy's place making good pets. Of course, some fans are speculating that this is a metaphor for those who expect the show and/or its characters to be boring based on being cutesy.
    Fluttershy: How 'bout a bunny? They're cutesy and wutesy and quick as can be?
    Rainbow Dash: Cutesy-wutesy? Have you even met me?
  • Garfield hates Nermal, the cutest cat in the world
  • In Magical World, a fan-made dark magical girl setting for Thrash and Big Eyes, Small Mouth, cutekillers are those who are obsessed with destroying anything cute, including magical girls. The most dangerous cutekillers are former magical girls.
  • In ThunderCats (2011) Panthro says he doesn't trust anything "that cute" about the Berbils. They are, to be fair, robot teddy bears.
  • Timmy Turner of The Fairly Oddparents hates cute just because he's only ten, and it's part of what comes with being a ten year old boy.
  • Bubbles of The Powerpuff Girls became something of self loathing cute, due to constantly being patronised and mocked for her more innocent nature than the other girls (despite being the exact same age and equally powerful) embittering her into a merciless violent tempered Heroic Sociopath. She snaps out of it once the others admit they underestimated her, resorting back to her normal sickly sweet self.
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