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Death Blossom

Rapid fire gunshots while quickly rotating to execute multiple surrounding targets in a short timespan.

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When More Dakka is mixed with Spin Attack. Usually occurs when a projectile-armed character is surrounded by enemies, and needs to kill them quickly. The character spins, firing rapidly, and manages to kill most or all of the mooks in a beautiful spray of bullets. Relatively easy with a couple of automatic weapons, but a master of the Gun-fu can achieve this with a pistol or crossbow. This maneuver usually leaves the character with One Bullet Left or similarly handicapped.

Also possible with vehicles, if the driver or pilot is sufficiently skilled with donuts, j-turns or crazy-Ivans. Or if the vehicle is covered in weapons and the pilot fires them all at once.

Compare with Spin Attack, the melee version of this trope. Also see Spread Shot, which attacks multiple video-game enemies in a short arc instead of a circle.

  • The name of the trope comes from The Last Starfighter, and refers to a last-ditch attack programmed into the starfighter. It is used at the climax of the movie. The move drains almost all the ship's batteries, leaving them defenseless until they can either re-charge or divert power.
  • Series Six of Doctor Who: Adventurer Archaeologist River Song preforms this upon a crowd of evil mind-controlling aliens using her trusty alpha-meson pistol. Leaving only one shot left to offhandedly take out the final alien that had been sneaking up behind her.
  • Near the end of the movie Tallahassee from Zombieland uses a car and a machine-pistol to dispatch a crowd of zombies.
  • Grenadier, an anime in love with gunplay tropes, likes to have the main character use this nearly once every episode.
  • A move used by several characters in the Devil May Cry series. Sometimes used while driving motorcycles.
  • Ice-T's mercenary character in "3,000 Miles to Graceland" preforms this in a climatic firefight, wielding two uzis and hanging upside-down from the ceiling. It wasn't very effective, but it was visually impressive.
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