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Connecting Those Wacky Nazis with sexual minorities
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Springtime for Hitler and Germany:
We're marching to a faster pace:
Look out, here comes the master race!
Springtime for Hitler[[note]]The Show Within a Show, not the trope[[/note]], The Producers.

There are many ways to portray Those Wacky Nazis as lesser than us normal people. One heteronormative classic take on this is to pretend that The Third Reich was some kind of rainbow club for "sexual deviants" such as homosexuals, transvestites and sadomasochists.

Traditionally, this trope is a subtrope of Abomination Accusation Attack: It got started in World War II England, where the anti-German propaganda kept portraying the Nazis as being gay et cetera. Meanwhile, the real Nazi Germany was strictly conservative in matters of sexuality, including systematically putting any gays they could find in the death-camps. However, the English propaganda got some fuel from the Nazi party practice of excusing executions within the party by accusing the victim of being gay. After the war, the trope mostly got used in reverse: It was now used against sexual minorities, as a way of trying to discredit them by linking them to Nazi Germany.

While the background is political, modern usage of the trope simply draws on old stereotypes and doesn't necessarily have any political agenda of any kind.

As for real life Nazis who are/were gay and/or paraphiliac, they are very few and hated on both sides: Their fellow Nazis generally consider the deviant or degenerated, while the LGBTQ community generally consider them just as evil as the vanilla heterosexual Nazis. Lets just leave it at that: No Real Life Examples, Please!

Compare Stupid Jetpack Hitler and Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot.


Comic Books
  • Chick Tracts routinely portray gays as the SA stormtroopers of the evil New World Order.
  • In Preacher, Odin's Lawyer at first seem to merely be a Dominatrix with some kind of Nazi fetish. However, she turn out to be mentally unstable and totally delusional - including some peculiar ideals about Hitler's benevolence and sexuality. Ironically, she's not a racist - and believe that Adolf Hitler wasn't either. While her boss who turns out to have an even creepier fetish is secretly a member of the Ku Klux Klan.
  • Parodied in Planetary, where a Miracleman Expy complains that he never wanted to learn about his true origins as a being "grown from the DNA of Aryan super-athletes and Hitler's personal sex midgets!"
    "I didn't even know Hitler had personal sex midgets!"
  • In Lucifer, one young Nazi has fantasies of becoming the next Fuhrer. These fantasies have sadomasochistic Hard Gay overtones... foreshadowing the fact that the character is actually gay - A Boomerang Bigot Heteronormative Crusader.

  • In The Producers, the protagonists fail to understand this trope, thus failing miserably at failing with their show Springtime for Hitler. The film uses the Pink Swastikas trope in two ways, both Played for Laughs:
    • First, we have poor unhappy old Franz. His character is entirely based on the "The Third Reich Nazis were gay" stereotype, but without any implications that this stereotype would be true in general. Instead, he comes across as delusional.
    • Second, we have the Show Within a Show, Springtime for Hitler, which make Nazi Germany look like one big happy Pink Swastika Pride Parade. See page quote. The audience hate it at first, taking it for the Nazi propaganda it is. Then they recognize the classic "Nazis are gay" propaganda stereotype and love it for being a joke at the Nazi's expense. How would they be able to know that the author was dead serious, anyway?
  • The Guns of Navarone. After the protagonists capture a number of Nazi soldiers and take their uniforms, Sergeant Miller goes over to the SS officer and says "shocking taste in undies (underwear), too".
  • In American Beauty, Ricky's father is an Abusive Parent who collects Nazi memorabilia. At the end, he turns out to be a murderously repressed gay man.

  • The Pink Swastika, the Trope Namer, is an absolutely atrocious "history" book from 1995. It tries to claim the Nazis were almost entirely driven by their Depraved Homosexual tendencies.
  • "Hitler: A Bisexual Circus Freak" is a little gem of speculations never intended for public view. It was written by Office of Strategic Services, the cloak and dagger predecessor agency to the CIA. Here are excerpts from one newly released OSS report, a confidential 68-page examination of Adolf Hitler. In these pages, America's spies focus on the German leader's leisure time activities (liked the circus) and his sexual life (had issues). Among other things, it gets speculated that Hitler was a coprophiliac.
  • The Iron Dream has as the second part of its Framing Story a literary analysis which categorizes the story by that reality's Hitler as having homosexual, fetishistic and narcissistic overtones.
  • In Thomas Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow, the testing of Rocket 00000 is run by Depraved Bisexual Captain Blicero, who keeps an adolsecent male Sex Slave named Gottfried. Blicero ends the novel by using Gottfried as a "passenger" in the rocket as a sort of human sacrifice. Of course, it's not just the Nazis who provide examples of Depraved Homosexual, Depraved Bisexual, Depraved Heterosexual, Anything That Moves in that novel...

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