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Smart Guy Loves The Ditz
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Can we trope this? Seen it so many times. May need a better title. Does this already exist?

Just as the name implies, this is when the smartest character in the series falls in love with the dumbest character in the series.

Many will wonder what they see in eachother, or suspect one of them is using the other. This rarely the case. Though their love is usually requited, they may think they would be Better as Friends, due to the Popularity Food Chain.

Most often, he will be the smart one, have thick, ugly glasses, won't be able to tell his love interest his feelings without turning into a pile of stuttering goo, and probably be as ugly as sin while she is wonderously gorgeous, be the nicest, most popular girl in school, and is usually a blonde.

Gender flipped versions due exist, with the ditzy one being a jockish yet still sweet guy while she is a Hollywood Nerd with an "average" appearance, but most of the above tropes from the male example still applying. She may be the subject of a The Makeover, going from Geek To Chic. Unlike most though, he will usually not like her new look, telling her that he liked the way she looked before.

Contrast Model Couple. Compare Give Geeks a Chance, Ugly Guy, Hot Wife, Savvy Guy, Energetic Girl and Perky Female Minion. Such pairings can be justified since Opposites Attract.

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