The Descendants of Cain
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After Cain killed his brother, he was cursed by God and driven into exile, but this did not prevent him from leaving many descendants. Six generations descended from Cain are canonically named in The Bible:
  • First generation: Enoch
  • Second generation: Irad
  • Third generation: Mehujael
  • Fourth generation: Methusael
  • Fifth generation: Lamech
  • Sixth generation: Jabal and his brother Jubal, Tubalcain and his sister Naamah

Though the Bible mentions the names of Lamech's wives (Adah and Zillah), it fails to explain who Cain's wife was, which is a bit of a mystery, since the only other canonical female character at the time was Eve, Cain's mother.

Fictional depictions of Cain's descendants vary; they may inherit the wicked nature of their Biblical Bad Guy ancestor, and they may or may not inherit the mark placed on Cain by God. The mark is associated with God's promise that sevenfold vengeance would be taken if anyone were to kill Cain.

Cain's descendants may have all been killed in The Great Flood, whose survivors were all descended from the line that proceeds from Adam's other son Seth through Noah. It might be, however, that some of Cain's descendants survived, and still bear identifiable signs of their ancestry.

Comic Books
  • One Hellblazer story has John meet with a tribe consisting of Cain's descendants, living near the entrance of the Garden of Eden in the Middle East in a state of perpetual penance. Their religious zeal leads his current girlfriend to mistake them for Islamists.

  • In Beowulf, it is said that the monster Grendel and his mother are descended from Cain.

  • The Green Pastures features some apocryphal descendants of Cain, including Cain the Sixth. Their wickedness inspires God to order The Great Flood.

Video Games
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