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Space Is Air
When things in space behave like they were in air (Examples And A Better Description Needed)
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A Sister Trope to Space Is an Ocean, Space Is Air happens when things in space behave as it if they were surrounded by air. That is, the Cool Spaceship will bank during turning and move like a fighter aircraft on earth, there is no cooling required, spacecraft can just easily stop in full movement.

For example, it seems that in the visual media Sci-fi genre, just about every kind of fighter craft depicted in space performs those kinds of moves (such as banking) that would be necessary in an atmosphere, but have no purpose in a vacuum.

Supertrope to Space Is Cold, Space Is Noisy, Batman Can Breathe in Space and Gravity Sucks.


  • Zathura, where a flaming couch continues to burn after being kicked into space.
  • Averted in the Alien franchise. Any ship that is built like an Earth vessel is meant as a short range drop ship sort of thing, so it needs to run in the atmosphere. Anything else never enters atmosphere because they wouldn't survive the experience.
  • Star Wars Expanded Universe: Justified. Starfighters have built in repulsorlift fields which create a gravitational pull on the ship equivalent to atmospheric flight. This field allows the starfighter to move through vaccuum as though it was air, allowing for more traditional maneuvering. The downside to the repulsorlift technology is that it consumes fuel incredibly fast.

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  • Averted in Babylon 5 with the Starfury fighter craft, which can immediately flip its orientation in midflight, something which would probably be impossible in an atmosphere.
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