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Sarong Is So Right
Wearing a sarong, usually for fanservice.
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In Real Life, sarongs are waist-wraps found in several African and Asian nations, often made of durable material and worn by both men and women. It consists of a tube or, less commonly, length of fabric that is rolled about the waist to hold it in place. They serve as an effective way of keeping cool while remaining decent.

In fictionland, sarongs are gaining popularity as fanservice. Unlike most real-world sarongs they typically consist of a portion of fabric tied at one hip. They are most commonly found on an attractive female character in combination with a bikini top, usually for a Beach Episode. This is an effective way to allow a character to avoid being too revealing while still keeping the viewers' attention due to the Theiss Titillation Theory. After all, knots can be tricky.

Often found hand-in-hand with Bare Your Midriff and Hartman Hips. If worn accurately by men, compare Man in a Kilt.


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