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Entity General
Player commands super unit and leads troops on the battlefield.
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Thoughts on the name?

Entity General is a sub-type of Real-Time Strategy games, where rather than be a Non-Entity General, the player is a directly controlled unit, while the player can order around their army. The player unit is often stronger than any of the generic units, if only because of the player is more competent than the AI. Unlike standard RT Ses, this is not (exclusively) the domain of the PC, as the control method is more friendly to gamepads, requiring only commands for "follow" "stay" and "attack that" most of the time.

See also: Colonel Badass.

  • Battalion Wars always places the player in the perspective of one of the units in his army, which can be changed at will. While the player controlled unit is not directly stronger, it knows how to dodge, and is the only way to use a few unit types to their full damage potential.
  • Pikmin has the player control only Olimar directly, but he can order around the Pikmin to do the (literal) heavy lifting and fighting. Unlike most examples, Olimar is weaker than the standard Pikmin, but has more health
  • Mount & Blade
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