Use The More Popular To Sell The Less Popular
People using their more popular ideas or products to sell their less popular ideas or products.

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I don't approve of his Bart-killing policy, but I DO agree with his SELMA-killing policy...
- Homer Simpson on Sideshow Bob's mayoral run during Sideshow Bob Roberts.

Do We Have This One?? Oh, and I'm open to title suggestions.

This is for when people use their more popular ideas, or products, or whatever else, to sell their less popular ideas, or products, or whatever else.

Truth in Television, especially in the context of politics and maybe of some stores, though it might be an idea to focus on trying to gather fictional examples (or at least fictional references to it) for now.


  • The above from The Simpsons is just a generic reference to this concept.
    • In another The Simpsons example, there's a later episode where Krusty's elected as a sentator but finds he can't get any legislation through on his own. An Almighty Janitor helps by showing the family how to slip their air traffic control bill onto the back of a more popular one to get it through.
    • Inverted in a much earlier episode where Congress is going to pass emergency legislation to help Springfield which had unanimous support, but then someone attaches a rider giving $30,000 to "the perverted arts" and the bill is shot down.
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