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Lightning Bruiser Arms Race Degradation
Series that have battles of wit, skill and abilities often end up with mere battles of brute force
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Often times in the beginning and middle of a series, the fights are varied the enemies powers run the gamut and our heroes use trickery wit and tactics to overcome their enemies. Eventually when the Sorting Algorithm of Evil brings in opponents of absurd speed and strength this skills and tactics fall by the wayside.

This happens for a few reasons, trickery and tactics do seem obsolete against an opponent who can kill before you can blink, its flashier, helps give an idea of how strong everyone is, shills the new merchandise and easy to write. Often times a Day in the Limelight will give those characters those abilities a breather, but its obvious the battle doesn't really "count" and there is no real danger and the final battle will still be decided by a straight up battle.


Anime and Manga:
  • Dragon Ball did this infamously, the early stories showed that for all Goku's shear power, skill and ability could still hold him back immensely. later on villians abilities mainly justified why blowing up the guy did not end the fight.
  • Bleach is something that succeeds Dragon Ball in this regard. Some people still have their place winning through preparation and tactics. But its no question that most battles will be won through Heroic Resolve and My Kung-Fu Is Stronger Than Yours.
  • YuYu Hakusho began with Yusuke as a capable fighter with loads of potential using skill and luck to beat villians who would be out of his league in a straight fight. Later the fact that his combat skills were outclassed by the Big Bad was forgotten in their final battle.
  • Naruto atleast tries to avert this. Several characters have abilities that shut down a direct assult and characters that can actually consistantly pull off this kind of thing are noted for this. Still many fights (notably many of Sasuke's and Naruto's) end up who can hit the hardest and who can get up after that.

Western Animation:
  • Do to its Merchandise-Driven nature, Transformers does this regularly. Side characters with high tactical abilities and divergent skills get put to the side for the new characters that are powerful gestalts and the Mid Season Upgrades of the core characters.

Video Games:
  • Many videogames usually end up like this in the endgame. Why worry about Standard Status Effects and magic when I have my Infinity+1 Sword does more damage and my armor of invincibility cancels status changes.
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