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Mary Sue cleanup
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An alternative to Ethereal Mutation's all-or-nothing plan, this is about tightening up the definition of a Mary Sue, and cleaning up bad examples. I mean those that show a poor understanding of sues, or are just an excuse to bash a character.

I mean, God-Mode Sue has Achilles listed. That character is not a Sue. He's a paragon, based on themes that have been lost over the years. I was half tempted to put Jesus on that list, if he isn't already.

These really need to be cleared of the clutter in the descriptions. So who wants to help?

Of course a solid definition is important. When the article was rewritten, the central theme was that Mary Sue is a "black hole". She sucks the story to bend around her. This is not about a protagonist who is simply the center of the action. This is about the story bending over backwards to be around the character.

On that note, I think a sue, even a Canon Sue, should be just as much about Bad Writing as about the character. That should knock several out, hopefully.
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