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Power Trio Plus Two
Power Trio + 1 set of Foils
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A type of Team Of Five where the setup is a Power Trio and a pair of foils.

Basically a sort of five man band without resorting to the specified roles. It's a sort of expansion of the power trio where you generally have The Ego, The Super Ego, and The Id supplemented by a semi-independent set of foils who are still part of the group. They tend to be at odds with one another and generally they are either taking sides in the previous power trio or being their own problems.

  • Harry Potter: The Golden Trio of Harry, Hermione and Ron...plus Luna and Ginny as foils. That's a Type I
  • Wheel of Time: Mostly in the first book, another Type One. The Three Ta'veren: Rand, Perrin and Mat, plus the female foils Egwene and Nynaeve.
  • Cowboy Bebop another type I, Spike-Jet-Faye is the Power Trio, and Ein and Ed are foils.
  • Hellsing might be a type I: Alucard and Walter as one group, Seras and Pip in the other group, and Integra is the fifth member, often a mediator.

  • Sucker Punch: Rocket, Sweat Pea and Babydoll being the obvious power trio, and the remaining two as a set of foils.

  • Avatar the Last Airbender, becomes an example of this. The original three stay in their roles but Toph and Zuko become just as important to the group. They're the foils: Calm/angry, solid stone/empheral fire, short/tall. They both have eye issues and contrasting relations with Iroh.

  • Final Fantasy X, the original five people that leave Besaid are an example. Wakka is the talkative optimist, Lulu is the less talkative cynist, Yuna mediates and holds them together, Tidus and Kilmarhi are the foils. cheerful/stoic. human/Ronso, sword/spear. All of them are equally important, though the foils tend to have private problems.

  • Tsubasa Resevor Chronicle: Kurogane and Fai are the foils. They contrast each other and interact with each other far more often then the trio: Sakura Syaoran and Mokona. Sakura is happy and helps people, Syaoran is focused on his goal largely to the exclusion of other things, Mokona directs the group.

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