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Purple is Pink on Steroids
Pink is a for girls. Purple is for Darker And Edgier girls.
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As eveybody knows , Pink Means Feminine. But some Action Girl 's have something to say about it! Abandoning the more traditional pink color (too linked to Girly Girls, they now use purple as a way to show that they are both feminine AND strong at the same time.

Authors generally use it as a way to either avoid the stereotypical pink for The Chick or to contrast a more traditionaly feminine character (who wears or use pink themes in some way) to a stronger/more action oriented one.

Bonus points if a more traditional Pink Means Feminine trope is found next to it, though not required. Any instance of purple being the color for a Darker and Edgier girl is enough to evoke this trope.


Anime and Manga
  • In Code Geass, the cutesy and peaceful princess Euphemia has pink hair, and her much more belligerent elder sister Cornelia has purple.
  • In Naruto , the extroverted Inno's purple clothes contrasts Sakura's pink hair and Shrinking Violet nature.

Comic Books
  • Huntress from DC Comics.
  • In X-men comicbooks, Psylocke's powers are represented by purple energy, as opposed to Jean's pink.


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