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Weak Geek
Because everyone knows geeks aren't strong.

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No matter what genre. If there's a geek, he isn't very strong. Even if he's super smart or maybe magic or has some kind of mind power. He is still physically weak.

  • in My Babysitter's a Vampire there's Ethan who isn't strong but smart and he can see the future.
    • his friend Benny is also weak and less strategic but he has magic powers.
    • and finally Rory a vampire who for all the powers he's suppose to have doesn't do much at all.
  • Steve Urkle from Family Matters.
  • All of the nerds in Big Bang Theory.
  • Hanna Is Not a Boy's Name has Hanna Cross who for all his magical power is notably weak. Conrad isn't much stronger.
  • Peter Parker in Spiderman was a weak geek before becoming a superhero.
  • Superman's alter ego Clark Kent acts the part of a weak geek too.
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