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Tears of Despair
When there is no hope left, and you are powerless, it's okay to curl into a corner, and cry.
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In their Darkest Hour, when a character thinks they have reached the Despair Event Horizon and Resistance Is Futile, when the Bolivian Army Ending is near or when there is simply no hope for the future... when they feel utterly cornered... a character will cry. They may shed A Single Tear, or abandon all dignity [[hottip:What good will it do? Especially in situations where it has been utterly destroyed, such as rape]]. For this trope to be played correctly, the audience has to sympathize with the character, who has to be established to have at least a measure of bravery. When children and Emo Teen do this, given their self-centered, (relatively) unintelligent, inexperienced, uninformed, unenlightened worldview where every problem is a tragedy and every frustration is insurmountable, while from this perspective it is this trope, from an outside viewer's it is simply Water Works. Same with older characters who happen to be self-centered or cowardly.

These tears aren't Manly Tears: they don't express manliness. They aren't Tears of Fear: fear has an element of doubt and hope. Here, the character is certain of what the future holds.

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