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Badass Establishers Index
Items/Moments to signify a character is badass.
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The need for such a sub-index was brought up in this Special Efforts thread.

So, you've seen it before. Those things every other cool character displays. Those catchy lines he throws out before he starts kicking ass. What better way to tell a true Badass other than the Badass Longcoat? Or that uber-cool hair!

This is a sub-index of the Badass tropes. These items can help identify a Badass when you see them. They are either accessories serving as indicators for those who run on the Rule of Cool, or moments/quirks used to establish someone's badass factor. When it comes to accessories or clothing, their depiction may or may not be realistic.

For badass character tropes, check the Badass index. See also Harbinger of Asskicking.


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