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Cookie Press Effect
A character (usually cartoon) goes through an oddly-shaped hole and comes out molded to fit it.
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People are surprisingly good at squeezing into odd spaces. Toons are even better at it. They can work their way through odd-shaped holes or holes seemingly too small for them-- and due to their pliable nature, they come out shaped like the hole. Sometimes just parts of them get reshaped by the hole, such as a limb or (more often) part of their face.

Generally a slapstick Western Animation trope, though there are some examples in other media. It has also become slightly more feasible in live-action works thanks to the magic of CGI.

Related to Squashed Flat. Inversion of Impact Silhouette, where the character shapes the hole. Compare Dinner Deformation (which reshapes a character from the inside), Traveling-Pipe Bulge.


Anime & Manga

  • An early live-action example occurs in the 1976 version of Freaky Friday: Ellen, in her daughter Annabel's body, leads the police on a wild car chase through a canal (or maybe the Los Angeles River). She manages to drive her car (diagonally!) through a chevron-shaped duct; the police car that follows straight through gets bent into a bizarre shape, as seen here.

Western Animation
  • Happens to Tom Cat at least a couple times, most notably in the short Jerry and the Goldfish (from which the trope illustration is taken). Tom goes through both a mousehole and a radiator in this one.
    • A body-parts-only variation (muzzle in the mousehole) happens twice in Kitty Foiled.
  • Tex Avery uses this in the beginning of Bad Luck Blackie.
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