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The Fobbit
This character never leaves the saftey and comforts of home.
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Fobbits are boring characters. The Fobbit never bothers to go on adventures. The Fobbit rarely if ever leaves the safety and comforts of his home environment. Fobbit is a portmanteau of FOB (Itself an acronym of Forward Operating Base) and Hobbit. The term originates around 2004 with the US Military and the tendency of some soldiers to actively avoid leaving the base to go on patrol. Some soldiers, however, were assigned "Desk" jobs which required them to remain behind within the safety of the base.

The Fobbit can easily be a Basement-Dweller or a lab rat, or anybody else whose job doesn't require them to leave their safe little cubby hole. For any character to qualify as a Fobbit there must be more than the standard "random traffic accident" risk of injury and/or death. We're talking full on warfare here. Major threat hazards like getting mowed down by machine gun fire or blown up by random roadside bombs or RPGs.

Fobbits come in two varieties:
  • Type 1 Fobbits actively avoid going outside "the wire". These Fobbits are often cowardly.
  • Type 2 Fobbits are assigned to jobs that require their continued presence on the base in order to get part of the job done while others go out into the field to do the rest.

Examples of The Fobbit:

  • Beetle Bailey: Beetle himself tends to be a decent exampleof a Type 1, but half the soldiers on Camp Swampy may well qualify.

  • ''J R R Tolkien's Bilbo Baggins would be the Ur Example of a Type 1, even if he predates the creation of the term by several decades.

Live Action TV
  • Star Trek:The Next Generation Features Reginald Barclay as a Type 1. Due to issues relating to transporters and Trek's reliance on same, he really hates away missions.
  • NCIS: Abby Would be a type 2 due to being a lab rat.

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