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Hyperactive, gabby, cute little brother type
Splitting Keet per TRS - this is the cute hyper kid half
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Per the TRS thread on Keet, it is being split and revamped. This is one of two YKTT Ws for the new parts; the other is "Cute perky feminine guy" (also Needs a Better Title).

Needs a Better Title. Help greatly appreciated.

Also Needs a Better Description. Help sorting the Keet examples is also appreciated.
A young male character type who is small, cute, Motor Mouthed, and permanently caffeinated. May be Cute but Cacophonic. He usually fills the "little brother" relationship slot in the show; if he isn't actually someone's little brother, he'll probably have a Big Brother Mentor or Cool Big Sis somewhere on the cast.

May overlap with Token Mini-Moe. Compare Annoying Younger Sibling.


Anime and Manga
  • Fruits Basket: Momiji is child-like and cheerful, energetic, loud, Kyo finds him annoying. Prone to wearing the female school uniform and cute accessories.
  • Ouran High School Host Club: Hunny. Small, cute, chatty, energetic, adorable.
  • Bleach: The Sogyo no Kotowari twins from the Zanpakuto Unknown Tales and Beast Swords arcs are playfully hyperactive and almost always smiling.

  • Russell from Up. He's constantly cheerful, almost always energetic, and constantly gets on Carl's nerves because of that.

Western Animation
  • Code Lyoko: Johnny. He's small, cute, active, and best friends with Yumi's younger brother.

  • Harry Potter: The Creevy brothers. Colin (the elder) is cheerful and energetic and has a major case of hero worship for Harry. Dennis is even more hyper than Colin.
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