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What's that scent you're wearing?

Bob compliments Alice on her perfume—but it isn't perfume.

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Do We Have This One?? Seen It a Million Times.

Bob is trying to butter up Alice and/or ask her on a date. He decides to do so by complimenting her on her perfume and asks what it's called—only for her to tell him that it's some other, mundane scent he smells on her, not perfume. Used to get in a quick laugh at Bob's expense.

  • Three's Company
    • Jack meets a pretty stewardess on a plane and, in his usual fashion, spills a drink on her. He then tries to salvage the situation by asking what scent she's wearing. She answers, "Gin and tonic."
    • Larry thinks that a sixtysomething woman has designs on Jack, so he decides to save him by seducing her to lure her away from him. He compliments her on her "sensual" perfume and asks what she calls it. Her answer? "Ben-Gay." After wincing, Larry remarks, "It's!"
    • A variation occurs in another episode. Chrissy is on a date with a man. Jack is hiding in the kitchen cooking for them, but Chrissy is pretending to be the one doing the cooking. When her date asks what she put in the dressing, she runs into the kitchen to find out from Jack. When she returns, he asks what scent she's wearing, and Chrissy responds with the list of dressing ingredients.
  • Wings: After Joe gets arrested for parking tickets that were Brian's fault, Brian tries to help him by seducing the (very masculine) female officer. When he asks her what her scent is called, she answers, "Deodorant."
  • The Golden Girls: A man who seduced both Blanche and Dorothy attempts to do the same to Rose by asking what "marvelous scent" she's wearing. Her response is "fancy albacore tuna."
  • Mama's Family: Vint and Naomi bring a psychic to the house, who greets Mama by saying, "So nice to meet you. Love your aura." Mama responds with, "Well, that's either obsession or Oven-Off."
  • Desperate Housewives
    • While sharing a romantic moment with Bree, George asks what perfume she's wearing. She says she isn't wearing any. When he insists that he can smell something, she responds, "Oh, I was making macaroons before."
    • An subversion occurs in another episode. Tom stops by the family restaurant just after Lynette has put on perfume to go on a date with another man. He asks what it is he smells on her, and she covers by claiming it to be basil.

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  • September 12, 2013
    This Needs A Better Title, but there are a few examples;

    Newspaper Comics
    • Garfield:
      • From this strip:
      Jon: It smells like an acre of wet dogs.
      Perfume seller: It's the one I'm wearing!
      Jon: Wow! What smells so good?
      Liz: My perfume?
      Jon: Mmmmm... beef...
      Liz: Ah, that would be my other perfume.
      • Also from this strip:
      Jon: What's the name of the perfume you're wearing?
      Liz: You probably smell the chocolate chip cookie in my purse.
      Garfield: Where have you been all my life?
  • September 13, 2013
    • In the Crypt Keeper flick, Bordello Of Blood, Rafe hooks up with Kathryn in the end, and as he's feeling her up, he smells something unusual, and asks what the perfume is she's wearing, to which she tells him, "That's not perfume. It's sunblock". [[Spoiler: As it turns out, she was, indeed, previously bitten by Lilith the Vampire Queen]]
  • September 13, 2013
  • September 13, 2013
    The Big Bang Theory: Penny asks Amy what makes her hair smell nice. She answers dandruff shampoo and accuses Penny of coming on to her. When Amy asks the same of Sheldon, he says talcum powder. She thinks it makes him smell like a sexy baby.
  • September 13, 2013
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