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Should I propose renaming Banned from Argo to "Banished"? As I point out in the comments, a trope named "Banned from Argo" doesn't seem to suggest banishment in general, at least to me.

For whatever reason, this character (or group of characters) has been kicked out of his home. It might be for something he did, or a case of mistaken identity, or he was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Whatever the case, he now has to make his way all alone in a cruel, cruel world.

Banishment has long been a favorite way of starting a hero on his Hero's Journey. Having no place to return to means that the hero has no choice but to go forward, after all. Conversely, it can also be a fitting punishment for a villain (especially in stories for kids where nobody can be permitted to die).



  • Piers Anthony's Xanth series book A Spell For Chameleon. Any human in Xanth who doesn't have an innate magical ability is banished to Mundania (the real world).
  • At the end of the Gor novel Assassin of Gor, Tarl Cabot is banished from the city of Ar because he stole its Home Stone in an earlier novel.
  • In the Cthulhu Mythos, some of the Great Old Ones were banished from the Earth or even from the universe by the Elder Gods.
  • Priscilla Mendoza and Ren Zel dea'Judan in the Liaden Universe. And Ran Eld at the end of Scout's Progress.
  • Jame in P.C. Hodgell's Chronicles of the Kencyrath series--her father drives her away when she turns out to be a shanir (an avatar of one of the Kencyr deities).
    • Also, Jame's household was banished after her father led their people into a crushing battlefield defeat.
    • And in a way, Jame's entire people, the Kencyr, who had to flee their original homeworld after an evil god started eating it.
  • At the end of the Dune series book Sandworms of Dune, the artificial intelligence Omnius is banished to another dimension.
  • Zeroth Law: In Romeo and Juliet, Romeo is banished from Verona after killing Tybalt

Live-Action TV
  • In the Dr Who episode "The War Games", the Doctor was banished from his home planet (and exiled to Earth) for interfering in the affairs of other planets.
  • At the end of the Dr Who episode "Tooth and Claw", Queen Victoria banishes the Doctor and Rose from the United Kingdom.

Video Games
  • Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King. After defeating Sir Leopold, the player's party is blamed by Captain Marcello for an attempted assassination of the Lord High Priest, causing High Priest Rolo and the player's party to be banished to Purgatory Island.
  • Lloyd Irving and Genis in Tales of Symphonia after provoking a Desian attack. They managed to get back in Iselia's good graces though.

Western Animation
  • Prince Zuko in Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  • Invader Zim at the beginning of Invader Zim
    Tallest: Weren't you banished to Foodcourtia? Shouldn't you be...frying something?"
  • In Vidia and the Fairy Crown, Vidia is accused of stealing the queen's missing crown, and threatened with banishment from Pixie Hollow if she can't produce it by the following day.

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