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Friendly Fire
Someone trying to be 'helpful' in a fight shoots/hits/damages the person they're trying to help.
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Usually happens in satirical mystery shows or films. One of the heroes is in a close melee/wrestling with an opponent. Hero's friend grabs something to hit the opponent over the head with, but ends up hitting the hero.

  • In Deep Blue Sea, Preacher hits the last surviving shark with a harpoon but the projectile goes right through the leg of Blake, who was holding on to the creature, thereby pinning him to it.
  • In The Ex-Mrs Bradford (1936), Brad tangles with an intruder. Paula, never the type to just stand there looking cute and helpless, yells "HOLD HIM, BRAD, I'LL CLUNK HIM!" Grabbing a heavy bookend, she brings it crashing down — on Brad's head.
  • In The Great Dictator, Hannah enthusiastically clobbers stormtroopers from her upstairs window, using a heavy skillet. At one point as the stormtroopers mess with the barber, she clunks the barber along with his assailants.
  • Hudson Hawk. While Eddie is fighting with Alfred the butler, Anna picks up a gun and tries to shoot Alfred. She hits Eddie's belt buckle instead.
  • The Matrix Reloaded: During Neo's fight with the Merovingian's goons, one goon is hit and killed by another three times while trying to hit Neo: once by a morning star to the face, once by a trident in the chest, and once by a spiked staff to the face.
  • During the massage parlor fight in Hong Kong in Rush Hour 2, Detective Carter hits Inspector Lee in the middle of the fight with the Triads, and apologizes with the insensitive remark, "All y'all look alike"
  • Azazel pulls this on some CIA agents in X-Men: First Class.


Live-Action Television
  • In the Series/Doctor Who episode "Let's Kill Hitler", Hitler shoots at his subordinate who is trying to assassinate him and misses, hitting Amy's friend Mels instead. (Mels was an "ally" of Hitler's only in the sense that she had hijacked the Doctor and his TARDIS and forced them to fly to Hitler in the first place, where they accidentally interrupted the assassination attempt.)
  • In M*A*S*H, Charles played a gag on Margaret involving a creme pie. When she realized it was a gag, she thought Hawkeye was responsible and hurled the pie at him; he ducked, and Fr. Mulcahy got it.
  • The Big Bang Theory: When an argument escalates between Sheldon and Howard over allocation of a car park space, their Distaff Sides join the fight and end up exchanging blows. Amy Farrah-Fowler tries to slap or punch Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz in defence of Sheldon Cooper, misses, and wallops the uninvolved Penny full in the face. Penny is next seen with two black eyes and one of those supporting plasters over the bridge of her nose, indicating that her nose was perhaps broken.

Tabletop Games
  • Dungeons & Dragons. As far back as 1st edition, if someone were firing a missile weapon into a melee and missed the opponent they were shooting at, they could hit an ally instead.

Web Comics

Western Animation
  • The first time the Loonatics Unleashed faced Paula Hayes a/k/a Weather Vane, she summoned cloud monsters to attack them. When Ace Bunny tried using his Eye Beams on one, the beams went completely through the cloud monster, striking Tech Coyote in the glutes instead.
  • The Tom and Jerry cartoon "Nit-witty Kitty" opens with Tom Cat chasing Jerry Mouse near Mammy Twoshoes, who tries swatting the mouse with a broom. Mammy misses, striking Tom on the head instead, causing amnesia.
  • Chuck Jones short "The Dover Boys at Pimento University". At the end the three Dover Boys surround Dan Backslide and all try to punch him at once. Dan slides to the floor and each of the Dover Boys punches one of the others in the face, knocking them all out.
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