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Improbably Messy Defecation
Crap somehow gets everywhere
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Look at how high that splatter is! Can you imagine the angle that would require? Those projectiles must've been fired at, like, [four feet] off the say nothing of the range. I don't think this is humanly possible.
---Ethan Siegal, Shortpacked!!

Exactly What It Says on the Tin--this is when someone takes a big enough dump in a strange enough way to coat the entire bathroom stall, sometimes more.

Very much Truth in Television--any "vent about customers" site will have accounts from unfortunate retail workers stuck with clean-up duties after someone Number-Two bombs the public restroom.

Comic Books
  • Squee encounters someone in the process of this while using a rest stop bathroom. It sends him fleeing in fear. Vasquez even notes that the depiction probably lost him all his literate readers.

  • Subverted in Dumb and Dumberer, when it turns out to be melted chocolate all over Bob Saget's bathroom instead.
  • In Daddy Daycare: In the first scene where they encounter this kid with the problem of "missing", when Murphy's character walks in to see "just how bad it was", Psycho Strings play, and there are reaction shots of Eddie Murphy looking around at the floor. The walls. And the ceiling in horror.
    Kid: I missed.
  • Happens in a scene from Hall Pass.
  • The arrival of the crap demon in Dogma causes this to happen in the stall he emerges from.
  • Death at a Funeral: when the elderly wheelchair-bound uncle shits on his caretaker's hand while being helped onto the toilet and then somehow there is shit on the caretaker's suit and his face, as well, freaking him out.
  • Occurs in Trainspotting. (Feel free to edit this bullet to be more specific.)

  • Dave Barry mentions his dogs being so lonely when there are no humans around he sometimes comes back to find stains of some unidentified organic substance smeared seven feet high on the walls.

Web Comics

Western Animation
  • Happens to Running Gag levels in South Park, and happens especially messily and loudly when people die or when Cartman is involved.
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