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Which of course makes it perfectly acceptable
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Do We Have This One? A comedy trope wherein a character attempts to explain having done or said something offensive, but the explanation provided is not an improvement over what he's being accused of.

Some examples:
  • In an Episode of Blackadder II, Lord Blackadder asks Queenie for permission to marry Kate/Bob. The toadying Melchett asks Blackadder how he could have eyes for any woman other than the Queen. Pressed to explain Blackadder says that when he first fell in love with Kate he didn't realize she was a woman, he thought she was a boy. To which Melchett sarcastically replies "Which of course makes it perfectly acceptable."
  • An episode of Frasier is centered around the entire cast lying all evening to an old boyfriend of Daphne's. However when their increasingly improbable lies lead the old boyfriend to accuse the Crane household (plus Niles and Roz) of being the most awful people he's ever met, Frasier in an attempt to salvage the situation says "We're not the horrible people you think we are! We've actually been lying to you all evening!"
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