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The Old Gods
Gods that are above/came before the other/current gods.
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Alt Title: Precursor Gods, Old Gods, Elder Gods.

It seems in almost every mythology known to man, there is mention of beings that came before and/or are above the current set of gods. This trope is about them.

This type of being can occasionally be an Eldritch Abomination. In fact, they usually are if you check most mythologies. This also has a large overlap with Precursors, for gods at least.

See Death of the Old Gods, for an explanation on why they're not around anymore.

If there's only one of them, see God of Gods. See also, Divine Ranks.




Mythology and Religion
  • There's the Titans in Greek Mythology.
  • Arguably, Izanami and Izanagi in Shintoist beliefs. They were the first humans, created by one god, who had them make more gods.
  • Norse Mythology has Ymir, a gigantic being who slept in Ginnungagap, the emptiness of the cosmos. Odin, Ville and Ve were his children, who murdered him and used his body to create the Earth - from his bones, the mountains - from his blood, the seas - from his flesh, the land - from his skull, the heavens - from his teeth, the stars - from his eyeballs, the sun and the moon. Also, while Odin went on to fame as the King and Father of the Gods, Ville and Ve - who helped make the earth, AND who helped create mankind from a piece of driftwood - were ultimately forgotten, arguably making THEM examples as well.

Video Games
  • The Dragon Age mythology has this - "The Maker" displaces the "Old Gods".
    • There are actually three sets of Old Gods in the Dragon Age lore:
      • The Creators, nine "good" Elven gods, who were supposedly betrayed by one of theirs, Fen'Harel, and are currently sealed powerless in their respective otherworldly realms.
      • The Forgotten Ones, the "evil" Elven gods, whom the Creators fought, possibly after supplanting them.
      • And the above mentioned Old Gods, seven powerful dragon-like beings worshiped long ago in the Tevinter Imperium. They are currently sealed deep underground by the Maker and occasionally come up to lead a Blight.
  • It's been referenced in the Silent Hill series.
    "The old gods have not left this place..."

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