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Title meaning: Latin for Paradise Vagina

A vagina that is simply of inhuman/extramundane level of "good".


Often involves Functional Magic in fantasy-oriented works, and obviously can overlap with Exotic Equipment or Bio-Augmentation. More hardcore pornography may apply this trope for the other hole right behind this one.

And do not get us started on the Power Perversion Potential...


  • The fantasy-themed works of H-doujin artist Rebis are essentially rife with this trope.
  • Imed the angel from Demi The Demoness comics.
  • The Queen of Sheba from American Gods has something like this; hers is so pleasurable that even when you know it is destroying you by inches you just don't care.
  • An H-Dojin of Yakitate!! Japan had the little sister of the female lead able to enthrall the main character with her "Solar Pussy", a parody of the manga's concept of "Solar Hands".
  • Succubi and other female/hermaphrodite sex-demons are liable to have it.
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