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The "I ignore your power" power
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This is probably already covered, but it's worth a shot. Some super powered people act as a Power Nullifier, disabling other people's powers. Other times, a hero is so determined they can Fight Off the Kryptonite and use their abilities in unfavorable circumstances. Then there's supers who are "so powerful" they can just ignore other character's powers on a whim.

They can't actually nullify this character's power, neither is he gifted with similar abilities (say, telepathy) allowing him to resist on an equal field, nor does he possess the superpower of being immune to super powers... he can just choose to ignore it. Almost as if it were a make believe children's game where one of the kids refuses to "play by the rules" and insists they're invincible and immune to their playmates imaginary powers.

As you can guess, this can be a very groanworthy way of adding Fake Difficulty for a hero, having villains who can basically ignore their entire repertoire while being completely unhindered themselves. In fact, heroes only very rarely get the benefit of this trope. Most of the time they have to work for it via clever planning, Heroic Willpower or Fight Off the Kryptonite.
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