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Shot Heard Around The World
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A sound made which causes one or more characters to have an instant Heroic BSOD, no matter how far away.

If the Damsel in Distress cries out, the hero (and only the hero) will hear their cry from a thousand miles away, and respond with a wide-eyed gasp of urgency.

If a shot starts a war, it will cause an entire parliament to instantly go silent, again, from a thousand miles away.

It implies that two characters are somehow bonded in a way that transcends distance, and sometimes Justified for this exact reason, or just played for Rule of Drama.

Do we have this?

  • The How to Train Your Dragon movie has Toothless hearing Hiccup's cry for help as his final exam goes horribly wrong.
  • Famously happens in The Princess Bride as Inigo Montoya hears Westley being tortured.
  • Happens very often in the Pokemon anime to both Ash and Pikachu, if either one gets in trouble.
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