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Nose Shove
Stuff being stuffed in the facial orifices.
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Children and those operating on a childlike mental level will often push objects into their own noses and ears, often resulting in a hospital trip. The favoured item seems to be crayons, though anything small enough to enter the openings in question can be used. Alternately, shoving items into other people's facial orifices in anger or for experimental purposes also occurs commonly, and is often used as a child-friendly variation on the Ass Shove. Also related to Paste Eater.


  • Happens three times in Garfield. The first time was when Jon had a camera shoved up his nose by Garfield and Odie, the second was when he had a rubber mouse shoved up his nose, and the third was when he got a miniature uniform shoved up his nose.

Fan Fic
  • The Homestuck fanfic Hivefled includes Terezi trying to teach Dave to smell colours by sticking crayons up his nostrils.

Live-Action Television
  • The Big Bang Theory: Sheldon Cooper recalls having a Mexican peso shoved up his nose by a schoolyard bully. To the best of his knowledge, it's still there.
  • A pair of characters portrayed by Billy Crystal and Christopher Guest on Saturday Night Live would compare painful experiences incurred while jamming unthinkable objects into body orifices.
  • The pilot episode of The X-Files has small, unidentifiable capsules recovered from the nasal cavities of apparent alien abduction victims.

Web Comics
  • Kevin & Kell: Rudy gets Lindesfarne's electronic diary shoved up his nose as punishment when she catches him trying to read it.
    "Please tell me it's at least one of the new small ones."
    "It's not."

Web Original
  • SCP Foundation: SCP-108 is a woman with a portal to a disused Nazi bunker in her nose.
  • Binder of Shame: For reasons he never adequately explains, Blobert Smith once plays a character who "deals with his post-traumatic stress syndrome by putting porridge up his nose on moonlit nights".

Western Animation
  • The Simpsons
    • One episode blamed Homer's reduced IQ on his having shoved a crayon up his nose and into his brain.
    • In another episode, Bart whacks Ralph on the head, causing coins and milk to fall from his nose. "My milk money!... And my milk!"

Real Life
  • Truth in Television in the case of young children.
  • Sideshow geeks sometimes hammer a nail into their nose, with little to no adverse effects because there's a sinus back there the average person doesn't know about. Sylvester McCoy used it routinely prior to becoming the seventh Doctor.
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