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Already Old In Flashback
A character is so old they look the same in a flashback or after exposed to Fountain Of Youth
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So you are watching a flashback and everyone looks younger, except the old guy. Apparently in fiction the more you age the more you look the same. So in a flashback an old character may look more or less the same while everyone else looks noticeably younger. If the character is mostly the same with a small difference like a different hairstyle (provided the it isn't related to a sign of age like going bald) it still counts. If multiple characters are exposed to the Fountain of Youth, the old character looks the same it also counts. If there is a clearly discernible reason aside from this trope like the character is a vampire (which tend stay the same age), then it doesn't count.


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  • Makrov in Fairy Tail still looks the same in flashbacks that have the other characters children and early teens.
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