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The Pacifist Route Sucks

When You Have a Choice of Being a Pacifist or Violent, the Pacifist will ALWAYS get the worse Rewards.

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So! You've been playing your favorite game, and have decided to Negotiate with this odd tribe of Indians. It takes quite a lot of Save Scumming but you finally finish it, and you put down your controller in a bit of happiness. But, what's this? All they do is give you fruit, while your friend who did the Violent Path gets free Spears and Boats?

Yeah, the Pacifist Route sucks.

Basically a Video Game trope, where if you are given the Option of either being a Pacifist, or Violent, the Pacifist will ALWAYS get the short end of the stick.

In Real Life this is averted HARD. Having allies often helps countries, and managing to negotiate instead of go to war often saves several countries Millions of Dollars.

Examples: [[folder:Video Games]]
  • Videogame/Spore has a MAJOR problem with this. While in the Creature Stage, you can either Dance and Sing to try and Win over other Creatures, you can also fight them. Singing requires VERY PRECISE button pressing, as well as making you completely vulnerable to any hostile species that doesn't want to negotiate (And there are a lot of them) While being hostile lets you fight them off quite easily.

  • Averted in Grand Theft Auto IV, during some points in the game, you get the choice to either Execute someone or let them live. If you execute them, you generally get no rewards. If you let them live however, you get Sidequests from them, and those often have pretty decent rewards.
    • Played Straight however in the ending, choosing the REVENGE path lets you keep Roman AND gives you 100000 Dollars.

  • Averted in most of the Metal Gear Solid games, where your goal is to kill AS FEW enemy soldiers as possible. You even get rewards for defeating the Bosses non lethally.
    • Played straight in Metal Gear Rising Revengence, though with a reason due to it being less of a Stealth game and more of a Hack and Slash game.

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