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Mook Competence.
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The rare occurrence in which Mooks, normally expected to be little more than speedbumps for a Heroic Foe-Tossing Charge, instead operate with efficiency, intelligence and something approaching efficacy — and actually do so on-screen (coughcoughSardaukarcough)

Compare with Red Shirt, Mauve Shirt, Villainous Valour and Artificial Brilliance. Related to Elite Mooks.


  • The henchman that fought the invisible girl in The Incredibles. Does he panic when faced with a foe he can't see? No, he kicks up dust and watches for the silhouette.
  • The second X-Men movie featured an impressive performance from the military fighter pilots chasing Storm in the Blackbird.
  • The Marines in the Transformers films certainly qualify. Despite being greatly outgunned by the Decepticons, they manage to hold their own and even defeat a couple of them. In this case, the mooks are on the heroic side, but given their stature in the battle, I think it's still valid.

  • The Dresden Files: The Fomorian servitors in Aftermath and, especially, Ghost Story.

Video Games
  • The Replicas from FEAR.

Western Animation
  • The Equalist chi-blockers from The Legend of Korra are stunningly effective, using pressure-point martial arts, insane agility and gas grenades to school benders left and right — including the Avatar herself.

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