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Good Old First World

The original and most iconic setting of a series. Often revisted in remakes, reboots and nostalgia sequels

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After many adventures and story arcs and lots of Earth walking the writers continue to introduce more and more new settings. Mostly because its not interesting to always walk over the same world and meet the same characters over and over again. However if a series becomes a Long Runner, continuing to introduce new worlds might start to feel like Jumping the Shark. Especially when a series puts its characters IN SPACE!. An easy solution is to take everyone back to the Good Old First World.

The first world tends to invoke feelings of nostalgia both for the characters and longtime fans. This is often done to show just how much growth the characters have experienced in the other worlds. Also done to convince audiences that experimentation is over, the franchise is back to its roots and doing what it has always done best. Or that the series itself is over and we've come full circle.

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  • Tatooine in the Star Wars universe
  • Pokémon The Kanto Region is the primary setting of Gen I, but has since made appearances in every Generation due to homages, remakes, and remakes of homages.
    • Every anime story arc begins and ends in the Kanto Region, or more specifically Pallet Town.
    • The Battle Frontier arc was the first to be set in Kanto after the three Johto seasons and three Advanced seasons.
  • Super Mario The Mushroom Kingdom, established and fleshed out in Mario Bros 1 and 3, and often the setting of the first game in any Mario genre, (Super Mario RPG, Paper Mario etc.) Other titles have taken him to Subcon, Yoshi's Island, Sarasaland, The Bean Bean Kingdom, Isle Delfino, and in Space.
  • The Legendof Zelda - The Original Hyrule. Link has since traveled to Koholint, Termina, Labrynna, Holodrum and The Great Sea, however most timeline/plot relevant stories take place in Hyrule. Including TWW as the Great Sea is a post apocalyptic old Hyrule.
  • Green Hill Zone is sort of like this for the Sonic series. It was the only Sonic world to make it into Super Smash Bros, was at the beginning of Sonic Chronicles and is finally being formally revamped and revisited in the upcoming Sonic Generations.
  • The Gundam series has this on a meta-level: the original continuity, Universal Century, has more installments set in it than all alternative continuities combined.
  • Lost the campsites established in season 1, (the beach and the cave) invoke this to some extent. Especially after later seasons took half the cast off the island and sent the other half traveling through time, the finale season took them back to where it all began.
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