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No Sympathy Between Mooks

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You can tell an enemy force is downright evil when its members don't even support each other. Sure they have a common goal, but it's every mook for himself. One mook will get injured and go down, the other will mock him and/or kill him. But why stop there? Use his body as a shield! Steal his stuff! Desecrate his body!

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  • August 30, 2010
    • The fifth boss of Castlevania Circle Of The Moon is a pair of zombie dragons. If one is killed the other will chew away at the others corpse to recover health.
    • Late into Partners In Time, Mario and Luigi fight Intern Shroobs as common enemies. Each Intern Shroob is paired with an elderly Shroobsworth, the former riding piggyback. If the Shroobswood is defeated, the Intern Shroob will kick it aside without an ounce of pity.
  • January 8, 2011
    • {{movie/X-Men}} shows this especially between Sabretooth and Toad.
    • The lawyers of Wolfram and Hart (Angel) rarely show any sign of sympathy or compassion for each other. They even kill each other from time to time. Or at least try it.

    The Starscream might be a related trope.