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Loading Screen Tips
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Loading screen is boring, especially if your game has so many loadings frequently, or just one plain long loading. Players will be annoyed at these loading screens, just like when you wait inside an elevator.

For an elevator, we have reflecting walls to help you kill time. For a plain long loading screen, you can add a minigame.

And if your loading screens are so frequent, why not add tips for players to read?

This trope has two uses: first, killing time, and second, it provides a place to put something which can break the fourth wall, as players expect the loading screen to be a place dropping hints and tips, background information or things author want to say.

However, if the loading screen automatically passes out after loading completes, and there is no way to review one out of a loading screen, players can feel frustrated trying to read the tips.


  • Patapon has tips at loading screen. You can even review the ones you encountered in your hideout, to see if you missed some of them. Patapon 3 has over 200 tips.

  • Red Alert 3 has background information on units and each commander in game as fillings in the loading screen. But your typical 5-second loading won't allow you to read the whole Wall of Text slowly, so good luck on that.
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