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Absurdly Strong

Impressive feats of strength on a human level

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When it comes to physical strength and general athleticism some people just stand out ahead of the curve. One person is reasonably strong, this person is absurdly strong. This is about physical strength in the realistic human limitations range. For a level of strength that goes way above that see Super Strength.

Especially if a trait given to a women it can end up used for comedy, seeing a small girl out muscle the men around her.

Compare Pintsized Powerhouse.

Authors note- This is basically a location to place a lot of characters who don't really have super strength but are defined by their incredible strength anyway.

  • Elliot from Scrubs is a "blonde stick" but she has shown over the years that she is unusually strong, regardless of her size. She pulled open an elevator door with just her pinkie finger ("finger strength of a rock-climbing jazz pianist"), jogged a good distance with J.D. on her back and broke a cafeteria tray with her thighs.
  • Jaime Hyneman from Mythbusters is often described as incredibly strong and pulls off several impressive feats over the years, including breaking down a door with his shoulder. It's among the many reasons he is considered a Memetic Badass among the cast, crew and viewers.
  • Hightower from the Police Academy series, including one incident where he flipped over a practice squad car because of the jerkass using some cruel insults to Hooks.
  • André the Giant, both in regular wrestling and as Fezzik in The Princess Bride (although some of his actions may be intended to be super human). The majority of his fighting style was just in how immovable he was and how everything sort of fell apart with him around. While normally a Gentle Giant there is a story of some people harassing him at a bar and he chased them outside and flipped their car.
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